This High Tech Baby Monitor Tracks Your Baby's Breathing and Sleep

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New parents are usually obsessive about keeping a close eye on their baby's breathing. Of course, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but there's a baby monitoring system that'll help keep an even closer eye so you can actually get some much-needed sleep.

The Nanit Monitoring System is a high tech baby product you shouldn't have to live without. The system includes the Nanit Plus Camera, which provides an aerial view of your baby with crystal clear clarity. Choose from a floor stand or a wall mount, depending on the setup you need.


It also includes Breathing Wear, a swaddle or band that pairs with the camera to monitor your baby's breathing motion by reading customized patterns on the fabric.

The results are displayed on the app in real-time, giving you access to when your baby fell asleep and for how long. And other than the cozy swaddle, no device has to touch your baby.

You can buy the swaddle or band separately from the camera or purchase the Complete Monitoring System for $379.