Make a Digital 2020 Vision Board, They're a Lot Less Messy

There's no better time to make a vision board than right now. A vision board is a tool used to help you visualize and focus on a specific life goal. It's a physical display of images that represents what you want to do, be, have in your life, or how you want to feel. The board helps you manifest whatever it is that you want to come to life.

Vision boarding is a fun project to do if you have all the crafty materials, but if you're looking to create a vision board with no mess, digital is the way to go. Keeping your vision board digital also makes it easy to change things as your goals shift or come to fruition.

Corkulous is an app that makes creating a vision board easy and seamless. The app contains cork boards where you can place notes, labels, photos, contacts, shapes, emojis, bookmarks sketches, and tasks. You can put all your ideas on one board or spread them out over multiple boards.

It can also be used to create to-do lists, post images, and add inspiring quotes for motivation.

Here's how it works

Download Corkulous here for iOS. It's $14.99, but considering all the money you'll save on materials, it might be worth it.