Apple Will Come to Your Home to Fix Your iPhone

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If you need to take your iPhone into the Apple store for repair but can't find the time (or the will), here's some good news. Apple is now offering a home repair service, as first spotted by MacRumors.


Through Apple's Support site, you can set up a time for an onsite service—or you can search for an Apple authorized service provider or the closest Genius Bar. From browsing around, it looks like the only device that warrants a home visit is the iPhone, and the only repair that can be done is fixing a cracked front screen.

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The service seems to be provided by Go Tech Services and is currently only available in six cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Houston, and Dallas. Of course, this doesn't help those in areas without Apple Stores, but perhaps the company will eventually expand the service.


Apple will send over your serial number, service area, and a unique Case ID to the company to make things easier when you schedule a visit. Choosing the onsite visit option, a fee may be charged in addition to the provider's standard repair cost.