HomeCourt App Is a Gamified Way for Kids to Practice Sports

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It's a weird time to be a kid. Actually, it's a weird time to be a person in general. This quarantine period has been a challenge, to say the least. Kids have become a lot less active since their schools and sports are canceled, and they're probably tired hearing you tell them to go outside and play.


HomeCourt is an interactive, AI-powered app that puts live action sports inside a game. It's an immersive and gamified way for kids to keep active and practice their basketball game at home while separated from their friends and teams.

A subscription gives you access to a library that has over 100 interactive drills and activities, including agility drills, CrossFit training, footwork, ball handling, and challenges. The app also offers shooting workouts with shot analysis AI and drills and activities taught by NBA and WNBA pros, as well as guided workout programs and routines. Your kids can keep tabs on their improvement using the Skill Rating system.


It's kind of like working out or training inside a video game. The app doesn't require any special cameras, sensors, or smart balls—just an iPhone or iPad.

The cost is $69.99 for a yearly subscription or $7.99 a month. There's also a plan for groups or teams to set up their own practices and virtual communities. Click here to get started.