Instagram Is Rolling Out Pinned Comments

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In an effort to help users make their profiles more positive, Instagram is rolling out a pinned comment feature.

The feature lets users pin their three favorite comments to the top of a thread, giving the users a little more control over the tone of the comments on a post—whether that means highlighting positivity, funny comments, or anything else the user likes.


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To pin a comments, simply swipe left, and four options will appear: pin, reply, report, and delete. Tap the pushpin icon to pin a comment.

Over the last couple of years, Instagram has been working on improving its tools to eliminate harassment, abuse, and misinformation. The company now uses artificial intelligence to block offensive comments, and AI is also used to warn users when they're about to post potentially harmful or offensive captions.


Instagram began testing the pinned comments feature back in May, and now it's available for everyone.



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