How to Change Your Instagram Bio Font

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If you have an Instagram account, you probably have a bio. That's the quick blurb that appears under your name on your profile page. If you haven't written a bio, you must have at least seen them on other pages.


Bios can be serious or funny, short or a little more in depth. But other than that, they really can't stand out in sea of millions of other bios... unless you make it fancy. And by fancy, we mean changing the font.

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How to add special font from your phone

Open the third-party website LingoJam on your phone. There are several websites to choose from, LingoJam is our favorite and the easiest, as it doesn't require any downloads or payment. You can either use a font that already exists, or you can make your own.


In the text box at the top, type in your desired bio, and it'll automatically appear in different fonts in the bottom text box. Copy the text and then head over to the Instagram app. Go to your profile page and select Edit Profile. Click on your bio and paste the text. Tap Done.


How to add special font from desktop

If you prefer to use Instagram on your desktop, go to LingoJam on your browser. Type your bio in the text box on the left, and the special fonts will generate in the text box on the right. Copy the text and go to Instagram. From your profile page, tap Edit Profile, scroll down to Bio and paste the text. Tap submit.


To design your own font, click here and follow the instructions. It's a bit more work, but worth it if you're into that sort of thing.



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