This Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum Will Also Mop Your Floors

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Listen, we aren't here to tell you how to live your life, but if you don't have a robot vacuum yet, you're 100% doing life wrong. We get that buying a robot vacuum might feel unnecessary since you probably already own an upright vacuum that gets the job done, but it's just so worth it. Wouldn't it be nice if someone else vacuumed and mopped your floors while you do literally anything else? The Airrobo T10+ is a good middle-of-the-road robot cleaner that will clean your floors so you don't have to.

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The T10+ offers a hands-free cleaning experience — it'll sweep, vacuum, and mop your floors. When you first introduce the vacuum to you floors, it scans the environment using its LiDAR navigation and USLAM 5.0 algorithm. As it scan each room, it builds a precise map of the route. Once the initial scan is complete, it's ready to go.

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The robot is all about making your life easier. It comes with an automatic dirt disposal charging base, which empties the dustbin at 25KPa suction so it can continue vacuuming for up to 45 days before you have to manually empty it.

You can switch modes from vacuum to mop with the tap of a button in the connected app, which means you don't even have to be home to do it. There are three levels of water control based on the mess level and your floor type. You can activate or stop the vacuum via the app, using voice control via Alexa or Google Assistant, or remote control — making it a great option for tech savvy users, as well as older folks who might not have much tech experience. The app also lets you schedule a cleaning, pinpoint restricted areas you don't want the vacuum to enter, choose the room you want cleaned, and adjust the suction level.

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Other cool features include 23 anti-collision sensors so it won't knock over your child's tower of blocks or run into anything it shouldn't, as well as fall prevention, which keeps the vacuum from taking a tumble down the stairs.

The Airrobo T10+ is available at Amazon for $499.99 with a $140 coupon you can redeem for a limited time.