How to Clean Crayon From an LCD Screen TV

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Children love coloring. Unfortunately, some love coloring on just about anything and sometimes everything. They get a crayon, and away they go--all over the walls, refrigerator and even your precious LCD TV screen. Even though LCD screens are very sensitive, the surface is plastic. Therefore, there are a few tricks to take those crayon scribbles right off.


Step 1

Use the proper cleaning solution. To clean plastic, the Crayola website recommends using W-40 and then wiping it off with a clean damp cloth. Isopropyl alcohol solution of no more than 50 percent should also work to get those crayon marks off.

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Step 2

Use the proper cloth. To clean your LCD surface, use a 100 percent cotton or microfiber cloth. Do not use paper towels. You can also try an electronic cleaning wipe, available at most stores where computers or televisions are sold.



Step 3

Be gentle. Do not push down when wiping with a cloth, you may harm your screen. If the wax of the crayon comes off but not the mark, try lightly scratching it with your fingernail, but be careful not to scratch the screen.




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