How to Clean Fingerprints off a Flat Screen TV

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If your flat screen TV seems to always have a fresh set of fingerprints, one of two things is probably happening. 1. Your kids are touching the TV or 2. There's no number two... it's always the kids.


Kids and their weird sticky hands are like magnets to TVs. It doesn't matter how many times you tell them the TV isn't a supersized iPad with a touchscreen, the fingerprints just keep appearing. So, instead of allowing fingerprints to ruin the view and appearance of your flat screen TV, you might want to consider getting rid of them. (The fingerprints, not the kids.)


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Most modern HDTVs have a special coating that can be ruined if a regular household cleaner like Windex is used. The cleaning process is actually pretty simple.

How to clean OLED and LCD TVs

Step 1

Turn off the TV. It's easier to see dirt or smudges when the screen is dark.


Step 2

Use a soft, anti-static microfiber cloth to gently wipe the screen without pressing too hard. You can use distilled water to dampen the cloth if the fingerprints aren't coming off, but don't spray directly onto the screen. (Water and electrical don't bode well together.) If the stains still won't come off, try using a very mild dish soap highly diluted with water. (Panasonic recommends a 100:1 ratio of water to soap.)



Step 3

Hold the TV with one hand while cleaning with the other so the TV doesn't get knocked over, otherwise the smudges will be the least of your problems.

Step 4

If you used a dampened cloth, go over the screen again with a dry cloth to remove any streaks.

Step 5

Turn the TV back on and tell the kids the TV is hot lava and should be avoided at all cost.




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