How do I Fix Pixels on a Sony LCD Television?

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A Sony LCD Television, like any LCD TV, can develop an error in the electronics which can cause an individual pixel to become "stuck" and remain on the screen. Fix the pixel by forcing it to once again be invisible. The procedure does not rely on opening the Sony, so no warranty is voided, but requires patience since physical contact with the screen must be made. Done correctly, the pixel will once again work properly to display images and not itself.


Step 1

Draw a circle around the stuck pixel on the screen with the grease pencil. Turn the Sony LCD television off.

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Step 2

Moisten a microfiber cloth with tap water in the kitchen sink. Squeeze the water out of the cloth so that it is only damp.


Step 3

Fold the cloth over. Place one side of the cloth over the drawn circle on the TV's screen. Hold the cloth against the screen with your left hand (reverse this if you are a "lefty").

Step 4

Place the capped end of the pen against the cloth. Maneuver the pen so that it is directly opposite the stuck pixel on the screen.



Step 5

Press the pen against the screen with mild pressure. Hold the pen against the screen for 15 to 20 seconds. Remove the pen. Remove the cloth. Wipe the grease pencil off the screen with the microfiber cloth, using slow, circular motions.



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