Advantages & Limitations of Computer Technology

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Computers are used widely in the business world.

Computer technology has certainly transformed our lives in many different ways. From the way we work and communicate with one another to the way we travel and shop, computers are now intricately involved in all aspects of our lives. This technology has both benefits and risks, however; take the time to understand both the pros and the cons of each new technological breakthrough.


Fast Communication

Technologies such as email, instant messaging, shared websites and chat allow users around the world to communicate with one another in real time regardless of their location or the time of day. Instant communication and networking also makes it possible for more and more employees to work from home or in other remote locations, freeing them from the office and freeing more office space for other purposes.


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Productivity Gains

When properly used, computer technology can allow businesses and individuals to be more productive and to get things done with fewer resources. Many companies have already replaced labor-intensive tasks such as manufacturing and quality control with automated computer systems, and many more companies are studying technological solutions as a way to boost productivity and reduce costs.


Customer Resistance

Automated phone systems and related computer technology can save call centers and the companies that run them a lot of money. Unfortunately, these automated systems can also meet resistance and foster dissatisfaction on the part of customers and end users. Many people simply dislike talking to a machine, and the maze of options can be extremely confusing for the very people the company is trying to help. For this reason, businesses must use caution when designing their automated systems and strive to make those systems as intuitive and easy to use as possible.


System Stability

Any computer system is only as good as the hardware on which it runs, and that hardware can fail at just the wrong moments. With modern businesses so reliant on their computer systems, the catastrophic failure of one or more systems can result in many hours, or even days, of downtime and loss productivity. In addition, companies that use computer technology must develop a comprehensive backup plan for their systems, since the failure of a backup could result in the loss of years' worth of irreplaceable data.