Can You Fix a Cracked LCD TV Screen?

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Fixing a crack in an LCD TV doesn't have to be a difficult proposition.
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LCD televisions are capable of providing outstanding clarity and color for films, TV shows and video games, so it is frustrating when your LCD TV screen is cracked or otherwise damaged. If you wonder whether fixing a cracked TV screen is an option, you may be surprised to learn that some damage can be repaired. With that in mind, your first step on the path to restoring your TV is to identify the specific damage that has occurred and assess whether repairs can be made at all.



Fixing a crack in an LCD TV doesn't have to be a difficult proposition. However, if the crack resulted in further damage inside the TV, it may be time to look for a replacement.

The Basics of LCD TV Screens

As a rule, experts say that repairing an LCD TV screen is most likely an expensive proposition. This is because the vast majority of repairs often end up being full-screen replacements due to the problematic nature of mending cracks in the delicate surface.


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When you tally the expense for the screen replacement, you may find the repair costs more than purchasing a new TV. At this point, many individuals forego the repair entirely and buy a new TV. As the price for powerful electronic hardware continues to dip, this type of consumer response is seen in increasing numbers.


If a TV replacement isn't an option, then it is time to move forward with a credible repair service. Some TV repair professionals can mend damage to an LCD TV screen.

It is critical to act promptly to assess the damage to your TV rather than ignore it. A crack is not only a detriment to your viewing experience, but it can also act as a gateway for dirt, dust and other particles to enter the interior workings on your TV, potentially causing further damage.


Cracked TV Screen Repair Considerations

When an LCD screen cracks, a variety of additional elements of the TV may be damaged. This largely depend on the strength of the impact. For example, it is not uncommon for a cracked LCD screen to also result in a damaged LCD element as well. Because so much technology is packed into these devices, it is virtually impossible to shield one element of the TV from damage when blunt force damage occurs.


Instead of just replacing a screen, for example, a technician may have to replace the entire LCD element, which explains why the repair costs on these devices can be so high.

DIY Screen Replacement

LCD and LED screen replacement TV parts are available online if you want to take on the repair yourself. You can use online references, including several video tutorials on YouTube, to complete this process.


For people who hesitate to invest the funds needed to repair their damaged TV or buy a new one, a variety of secondhand outlets are online and offer a wide range of used LCD TVs for competitive prices.