How to Change an Internet Browser to 32 Bits

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Although the 64-bit version of Windows is faster and more robust, computer users may encounter compatibility issues with software running in 64-bit mode. For instance, Adobe Flash doesn't run in 64-bit versions of web browsers. If you are having problems and wish to switch back, the solution is simple. You just need to either download the 32-bit version of the web browser, or else open the 32-bit version located in your program files folder.


Step 1

Download the Internet web browser you wish to use from the website. At the browser's website, there will be different download versions: 32- and 64-bit. Download the 32-bit version and install it.

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Step 2

Open up "My Computer," and navigate to the following folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe. The x86 folder represents the 32 bit version of the browser.


Step 3

Right click on the icon named "iexplore," and select "Create Shortcut" from the menu.

Step 4

Move this shortcut to your desktop, and delete the old shortcut you were using. Every time you want to use the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer, double-click on this shortcut.



Step 5

Navigate to the program folder under "C:\Program Files (x86)" for any other web browser you have and create a shortcut. For example, Firefox will be located under ""C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox." Use the same steps above for other browsers, such as Chrome or Opera.



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