How to Uninstall Mozilla Firefox Updates

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Mozilla Firefox periodically rolls out software updates to the browser to enhance features and address any known problems or security breaches. However, users may experience problems after updating the browser. Certain add-ons may have been developed for one version of the browser and may not work with newer versions. Users can roll back the Mozilla Firefox browser to an earlier version to allow websites and add-ons to properly function. Users only need to install the previous version of Firefox and the updates are automatically uninstalled.


Step 1

Open a Web browser and navigate to Mozilla FTP Server at

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Step 2

Click the folder of the version you wish to roll back to.

Step 3

Click the "Win32" folder from the version folder.


Step 4

Click the "en-US" folder.

Step 5

Click the "Firefox Setup.exe" file. Two ".exe" files might be in the folder. Choose the one that doesn't end in ".asc." Click the "Save File" button when prompted.



Step 6

Double-click the .exe install file from your computer. Follow the onscreen prompts of the installation wizard to successfully install an earlier version of Mozilla Firefox.

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