How to Clear PayPal Activity Log

Though PayPal users could previously delete their activity history, the feature is no longer available. For a time, PayPal users could archive their activity instead, but in mid-2014, the site removed this feature as well. Though the new design for PayPal does not have the archive function, as of publication, PayPal permits users to switch to using the Classic Site, which has the appearance of the site before its design updates. In this interface, users are still able to archive activity.


When archiving activity in the Classic Site, any archived transactions are only hidden when you remain in the Classic Site view. All transactions remain visible when using the site in the modern view and also appear in the modern view the next time you log in.


If you have any concerns that unauthorized users are able to view your account and its activity, immediately reset your password to ensure that you are the only person who can access the account. If you have a joint account with a partner or family member and you wish to make a discreet purchase using PayPal, create a new account that uses a separate bank account or credit card.

Archive Activity in the Classic Site

Step 1:

Classic Site
Image Credit: Kathleen Estrada

Log in to your PayPal account. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Classic Site at the left side of the screen to change the appearance of the website to the classic theme.

Step 2:

Image Credit: Kathleen Estrada

In the Classic Site, click Recent Activity, place a check mark in the check box of all transactions you want to archive and click Archive. Note that clicking Summary or Activity at the top of the page takes you back to the modern theme, where all your activity reappears.


Additional questions on using this feature or troubleshooting issues can be presented to the PayPal customer service team. Visit the customer care site for help, or, after you log in, click Contact and Call Us to contact a customer service agent by phone.