Common LCD TV Failure Problems of a Blank Screen

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A blank screen could be a symptom of serious issues.
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When your LCD or liquid crystal display shows you a blank screen, the thought of wasting hundreds of dollars on a TV can be difficult to deal with. If your LCD TV is simply displaying a blank screen, it could be caused by a few different problems. Some of these issues can be repaired with a minimal amount of work.


Backlight Issues

The LCD TV uses a backlight to illuminate the picture on the screen. When the backlight is experiencing problems, you may not see anything on the screen. To fix this problem, you will need to replace the backlight in the TV. Most people who are unfamiliar with how this works will need to hire a professional to replace the light. If your TV is new, you may be able to have it replaced under warranty by the manufacturer.


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Power Inverter

Another issue that can lead to a blank image on the screen of your LCD TV is a problem with the power inverter. The backlight on your LCD TV has a power inverter that could go bad as well. When this happens, you may need to replace the inverter or the capacitor. When an inverter is not functioning properly, it could look like the backlight is not working, when in reality, it is functioning fine.


Power Supply

In some cases, the power supply for the TV itself may not work correctly. When this happens, you will not be able to turn the TV on or display any images on the screen. If the power inverter for the backlight is not working, you will still be able to turn the TV on, but it will not display any images. When the power supply isn't working, you will not even be able to turn the TV on.



If you can turn the TV on, but you are not seeing anything on the screen, try shining a light on the screen from an external light source, such as a flashlight. If you can see images or text displayed on the screen, it means that the TV is still working and the backlight is the issue. This could require either a backlight or a power inverter replacement. Contact your TV manufacturer or the seller of the TV to get assistance in this regard.