Definition of RAM Slots

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RAM slots are located on the computer's motherboard

Computers use multiple memory storage systems to store and retrieve data. One such memory system called random access memory (RAM) is connected to the computer motherboard via RAM slots.



RAM slots are vertical slots, typically numbering three or four, which usually are located at the upper-right corner of the motherboard. The motherboard is the primary printed circuit board in the computer that contains various slots, or connection points, for a number of vital components.


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When a program is opened, that program is loaded from the hard drive into RAM storage for quick retrieval. Random access memory is composed of small memory chips that are stored inside a memory module, or RAM chip. The RAM chips, also referred to as sticks, plug into the vertical slots on the motherboard.



RAM chips contain ejection clip notches on either side, as well as a slot key notch. The RAM chip's slot key notch is positioned to line up with a slot key located on the motherboard's RAM slot chamber. Once the chip is inserted, two ejector clips positioned on opposite side of the RAM slot lock the chip into place.





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