Foxconn LS-36 Specs

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The Foxconn LS-36 motherboard is the mainboard used in the Dell Dimensions OptiPlex GX270 small mini-tower desktop computer. The LS-36 comes with a number of standard features, and is a small form-factor motherboard.



The Foxconn LS-36 motherboard supports either an Intel Pentium 4 or a Celeron design processor. The motherboard supports 8 KB of level 1 data cache; and either 128 KB, 256 KB, 512 KB or 1 MB of level 2 cache. The motherboard also includes expansion slots for PCI 2.2 devices, AGP 3.0 devices and USB 2.0 peripherals.

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The Foxconn LS-36 motherboard supports 333 and 444 MHz DDR SDRAM system memory. In small form-factor computer cases, the LS-36 can have up to 2 gigabytes of installed memory, while the small desktop and mini-tower desktop setups are capable of up to 4 gigabytes of installed memory.


Audio and Video

The Foxconn LS-36 motherboard has an integrated chip set video card, and an AC97 16-bit built-in audio card capable of both 16-bit and 20-bit digital-to-analog playback.


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