Disadvantage for Communication in Computer Technology

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The advancement of computer technology has led to new forms of communication technology. Communication based on the use of computers is known as computer-mediated communication. While computer-mediated communication can be beneficial, computer technology can also hamper the communication process.


Nonverbal Communication

In face to face communication, nonverbal cues such as the tone of voice and hand gestures, help to reinforce the message you are communicating. These reinforcements are lost with computer technology, leaving your message more vulnerable to being misunderstood.


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Written Communication

Written computer mediated communication, like instant messages and micro-blogging, is a contributing factor to poor writing skills. Poor grammar, misspellings, and inappropriate use of abbreviations can become developing problems as a result of written computer-mediated communication.



Communication technology can lead to laziness. For example, instead of walking over to someone in the same room as you to strike up a conversation you would send an instant message.



Communication technology, like social networking websites, can leave you prone to stalking by somebody mentally unstable. Being mindful of the information you post on the Internet lowers your risk of becoming a stalking victim.



Like alcohol and drugs, the Internet can be addictive. Signs of Internet addiction include lying about Internet use and becoming oblivious to events occurring in your personal life.