How to Fix a Computer When Everything on the Screen Is Too Big

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Display Settings

When installing a new operating system or after installing system updates, your display may appear too large for the screen. This can also occur if you purchase a new monitor, especially if you go from regular to widescreen or vice versa. No matter the reason, having a display that's too large for the screen can be extremely frustrating. Luckily, the problem can be fixed with a few display-settings changes. These fixes can also be applied if the display appears to be too small.


Step 1

Right-click anywhere on an open part of the desktop.

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Step 2

Click "Properties" and go to "Settings."

Step 3

Choose your display from the drop-down menu. Click "Apply." If this doesn't solve the problem, continue to Step 4.



Step 4

Adjust the screen resolution up or down. A higher resolution will solve the big-screen problem. Click "Apply." You may need to repeat this step if the screen still appears too large.



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