How to Change the Contrast on a MacBook

By Zicheng Ren

Increase the readability of the screen on your Macbook by increasing the contrast of the display. Increase the contrast of the whole screen or emphasize borders between items in the **Display** section of the **Accessibility** settings.

Step 1

Click the **System Preferences** icon on dock. You can also go to your desktop and choose **System Preferences...** by clicking the Apple logo in the menu bar.

Step 2

Click **Accessibility** in the **System Preferences** window.

Step 3

Choose **Display** under the **Vision** section.

Step 4

Check the **Increase Contrast** check box to increase the contrast between items on your screen. For example, borders around items will stand out more and make things easier to differentiate.

Step 5

Slide the slider in **Display contrast** to maximize or minimize the contrast between all of the pixels on the screen.