How to Get a MacBook to Display the Full Screen

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MacBooks are a line of laptops from Apple Computer with fewer features and a lower price than their MacBook Pro line of portable computers. MacBooks are based on an Intel processor and include the ability to utilize different screen resolutions. The different screen resolutions can be set on either the internal laptop screen or an external monitor connected to the mini DisplayPort connector. Adjusting the screen resolution enables the display to fill out the full screen on a MacBook.


Step 1

Click the Apple logo in the upper-left corner.

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Step 2

Click "System Preferences."

Step 3

Click "Displays."


Step 4

Click the resolution that represents the full screen resolution of the MacBook display, which is at the bottom of the list. The most common setting is 1280x800. Refer to the owner's manual for any details specific to your particular model.


Step 5

Close the System Preferences utility.



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