How to Fix Your DVD Player When the Picture Freezes

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How to Fix Your DVD Player When the Picture Freezes. It's very frustrating when you are watching a movie and the picture inexplicably freezes. Below are some steps to try that may fix the problem and let you get back to your movie.

Step 1

Eject the DVD and clean it, using a soft, non-abrasive cloth and a center-to-rim motion.


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Step 2

Make sure the DVD is clean and unscratched. DVDs are more sensitive to scratches than CDs, and what may seem like a minimal scratch may be large problem for a DVD.

Step 3

Try cleaning your DVD player, as you could have a build-up of dust in the DVD player and on the optical lens. You can purchase a DVD-player cleaning disc at an electronics store or any store where DVD players are sold, such as Wal-Mart or Best Buy.


Step 4

Look for additional tips and tricks at the troubleshooting page of your DVD player's manufacturer's Web site.

Step 5

Contact an electronics repair shop or the store where you purchased your DVD player, if none of these suggestions work. Your DVD player may need to be professionally cleaned or repaired. (Call for estimates first. Many repair shops charge a flat fee just to look at the DVD player, plus an hourly fee. Sometimes it is cheaper to just get a new DVD player.)

Things You'll Need

  • Cleaning disc

  • DVD player

  • Soft cloth


If the DVD only freezes for a small amount of time somewhere in the middle of the movie, you likely have a double-layered DVD. Many DVDs with movies over 2 hours in length are double-layered to get more information on one disc. The pause in the picture is when the DVD player is switching from one layer to the next. There is no problem with your DVD player or the DVD.


Do not try to take the DVD player apart to clean it, or you could void your warranty.