How to Troubleshoot a Sony DVD Player

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How to Troubleshoot a Sony DVD Player
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Sony DVD players are among the most popular models on the market. Like any electronic component, a Sony DVD player may eventually develop problems or display the dreaded Disc Error message. Before you run to the nearest repair shop, try these troubleshooting steps to fix your Sony DVD player so you can get back to watching movies.


Step 1

Try playing different DVDs to see if the disc, not the Sony DVD player, is the source of your problem.

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Step 2

Clean the disc by placing a few drops of rubbing alcohol on a piece of lens-cleaning paper, and then gently rub the DVD surface in a circular motion.


Step 3

Make sure the home theater receiver is set for DVD playback. You will get no picture or audio from the Sony DVD player if the system is set to the VCR or a CD player, for example. The selection can change simply by brushing against a button on a remote control.

Step 4

Check the input setting on the TV. In most cases, a TV will use Input 1 for a DVD player or the home theater receiver connected to the DVD player. If the kids change the setting to Input 2 so they can play video games, for instance, you'll need to press the Input button on your remote control to change the setting back for home theater.



Step 5

Unplug the Sony DVD player from the power source for at least 10 minutes. This will cause the component to reset, often solving many playback problems. Also check and replace the remote control batteries.

Step 6

Clean the laser lens inside the Sony DVD player using a cleaning product shaped like a DVD with a small brush underneath. The cleaning cycle takes about 5 minutes and resolves most Disc Error message problems.




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