How to Fix the Lines on an LCD TV Screen

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LCD televisions often display line issues where the content looks pixelated or black lines appear on the top or bottom of the screen.

When watching programming on an LCD television, you might notice lines running across the screen. This occurs for several different reasons, ranging from the wrong resolution being selected on the connected equipment or due to the default image size of your movie. Regardless of what is causing the lines on your LCD TV, you can adjust the settings to remove the line problems.


Step 1

Power on the connected equipment (such as your cable or satellite receiver) and press the "Menu" button. Select the "Resolution" option, then set the resolution to the same as what your LCD television produces (either 720 or 1080 — the User's Manual states this information). Press "OK" and the pixelated or enlarged lines on the screen go away.


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Step 2

Press the "Zoom" button on your LCD TV's remote control to adjust the display size. If there are lines on the top and bottom of the screen, it is because the viewing content is produced in widescreen. The black bars for this are natural. But if you find the lines annoying, continue pressing the "Zoom" button until the image fills the entire screen.


Step 3

Check the cable connection of the video source running into the TV. If the cables were not inserted completely, you are going to lose picture resolution, which might result in interlacing lines running along your screen. Properly inserting the cables corrects this issue.