Fun Texting Games to Play With Your Boyfriend

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Connecting through games on your phones is a way to spend time together even when you're apart, and while the choice of game apps seems limitless, most don't have a personal connection that engages the two of you. There are, however, plenty of simple party and campfire-style games that lend themselves to text play. You can share common interests and learn about each other using plain old SMS texting, and with text, there's also no need to worry about platform compatibility if you're an Android user and he -- gasp! -- has an iPhone.


Twenty Questions

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This is a classic game that couldn't be simpler. You pick a person, place or thing, and your boyfriend can ask up to 20 questions that can be answered yes or no. If he guesses, he wins. If not, you do; then you switch sides and he picks. Keeping score is optional, and you can play until you get bored. You can vary the game play by choosing a topic to narrow the options, perhaps limiting it to favorite movies or music. Twenty questions is a good way to pass time, but it's not the most personal of text games.


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Would You Rather?

This is another game in which you exchange text questions, but this time you ask things directly of your boyfriend, and he asks similar things of you. It can be silly and fun or it can be more intense, if you ask serious questions. The premise is simple. Present a choice between two scenarios. Your boyfriend must choose one. You can ask something silly, such as, "would you rather be a clown in a circus or a rodeo?" More serious questions could be something like, "would you rather donate money to a food bank or volunteer in the kitchen?" In either case, the question may lead to conversation. You may learn only that he thinks circus clowns are creepy and rodeo clowns are cool, but the questions engage you personally.


Movie Quotes/Song Lyrics

Share personal interests by texting movie or song quotes back and forth. Award points for guessing both the correct movie or song, and the character or singer. For example, if you offer, "No, I am your father," your boyfriend gets two points if he answers, "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Darth Vader." Similarly, you score two points if you answer, "Let It Be" and "The Beatles" when your boyfriend texts, "when I find myself in times of trouble." Through the quotes you each choose, you'll learn about your respective tastes in popular culture.


Truth or Dare

Putting forth the question, "truth or dare?" to your boyfriend can potentially open a Pandora's box of insight about each other, if you're both committed to answering honestly and taking dares using your cell phone cameras to offer proof you performed the dare. The sense of detachment that text messages provide adds an edge to this classic party game. You may feel a little braver about the truths you reveal or the dares you take over the phone rather than in person. While you have the potential to learn a lot about each other, be careful not to be lured outside your comfort zone.