How to Find a Lost Cell Phone in Your House

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Our cell phones are loved for their convenience, compact size and mobility. Unfortunately, these features make the cell phone must easier to lose than a standard home phone. If you've lost your cell phone, you may be able to find it in your house--although it's always possible it is somewhere else. There are a few tricks you can use to help you locate the lost phone; there are also a few places in your home that are particularly good at hiding cell phones.


Step 1

Call the cell phone from your other telephone, if possible. This works well if you have a landline or if another resident of the house has a cell phone. Listen closely for the ringer. Try to narrow its location down to one room by following the sound.

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If you don't have access to another phone within your house to make your phone ring, see the Resources section.


Step 2

Look underneath the sofa cushions. This is a common hiding place of lost cells phones. Pull the cushions up and wedge your fingers between the fabric underneath; feel around for the phone.

Step 3

Look in other common cell phone hiding places, such as between pieces of furniture or inside cabinets and drawers. Check the refrigerator as well. While this may seem silly, it's fairly easy to put your cell phone in the fridge by accident, particularly if you're distracted while preparing a meal or snack.



Step 4

Check in your car. It's possible your cell phone is not inside the house, but in the car. Look underneath the driver's seat, particularly in the area between the center console and the seat cushion. This small area is perfect for swallowing cell phones. Use a flashlight to improve visibility.


Step 5

Call your wireless service provider. Ask them if they can locate the phone by its GPS signal, just in case the phone is not in the house. Also, ask them if any calls have been made from the phone. It's always possible your cell phone is not in the house, but in the hands of someone else.



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