High-Speed Internet Options for Houses in the Middle of Nowhere

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Today more and more locations are becoming wired with high-speed Internet access, from hotels and businesses to restaurants and parks. However, it can still be challenging to bring high-speed Internet service to remote locations. For rural customers who feel like they live in the middle of nowhere, there are still several options that may make those fast connections a reality.



One of the most common forms of residential high-speed Internet service is through a cable provider. Cable Internet is carried over cable TV lines, which may not reach some remote areas. While these customers can use a satellite dish or antenna to receive television programming, they miss out on cable Internet. A digital subscriber line (DSL) offers a good alternative. DSL is carried over telephone lines and is much faster than a standard telephone-based dial-up connection, though often not quite as fast as cable-based Internet. For areas where phone lines are installed but cable lines aren't, DSL is an easy and fast way to get online.


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Satellite Service

For Internet users who live where phone lines are not present or where phone service is not reliable, satellite Internet offers another option. Companies such as Wild Blue offer Internet over satellite links that work with a professionally installed satellite dish. The service is substantially faster than dial-up and requires no land line connections of any kind, making it available virtually anywhere in the U.S.



3G is the third generation of cell phone networks. It is supported by many advanced phones, some of which also take advantage of its bandwidth for data transfers and Internet browsing. Besides bringing high-speed Internet to cell phones, many netbooks and tablet computers can access the 3G network. These devices are ideal for business travelers and mobile devices. While 3G offers high speeds, many user agreements limit the amount of data that can be transferred in a given month. Other plans offer unlimited data use and can serve as a primary Internet connection for users without any other option.




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