What Is AT&T High-Speed Internet Elite?

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AT&T offers wireless service, digital TV, high-speed Internet, home phone and digital video recording that lets you pause live television and record one program while you watch another. The company's U-verse high-speed Internet and DSL high-speed Internet provide a number of different download speeds, and also offer built-in security features and wireless home networking without having to sign a long-term contract.


DSL Elite

AT&T's DSL high-speed Internet service offers four plans: DSL Elite, DSL Pro, DSL Express and DSL Basic. The basic plan has a maximum downstream speed of 768 Kbps, which is the slowest of all four plans. The DSL Elite plan has a downstream speed of as many as 6 Mbps, an upstream speed of as many as 768 Kbps and is the fastest of the DSL plans. The downstream speed is 100 times faster than the company's dial-up service, and offers home networking, streaming video, online gaming, movie downloads and photo sharing.

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DSL Elite Plus Complete Choice Enhanced

AT&T DSL high-speed Internet service also offers a DSL Elite + Complete Choice Enhanced package, which also includes long-distance service. This package provides you with download speeds of as many as 6 Mbps, unlimited local calling and domestic direct dialed long distance at a low cost per minute for calls placed any time to any location throughout the United States.


U-Verse Elite

AT&T U-verse's Elite package offers a downstream speed of as many as 6 Mbps and an upload speed of as many as 1.0 Mbps, which is ideal for emailing, music download, social networking such as Facebook and MySpace, photo sharing, Internet gaming, and online conferencing. U-verse Internet also provides you with a high-performance router that you can use on multiple computers in your home, a firewall that protects your network from hacking and other intrusions, and parental controls that let you control what websites your children can access.



DSL and U-Verse Internet Differences

Though AT&T's DSL Internet and U-verse Internet both provide high-speed Internet access, the technology they use is slightly different. U-verse Internet uses fiber optics, which transmit a larger amount of data using waves of light than the normal metal wiring used by DSL Internet. U-verse high-speed Internet offers packages with faster speeds than DSL high-speed Internet. U-verse's Max package has a maximum downstream speed of 24 Mbps, compared to DSL high-speed Internet, which tops out at 6 Mbps.



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