How to Get Your AT&T Landline Phone Bill Lowered

By Shelley Smith

AT&T provides both wired (landline) and wireless telephone services to customers throughout the world. Their flagship service has been home telephone service. Your AT&T phone bill details all collective charges for your home phone. Because it can become expensive to maintain a home phone, it may be necessary to reduce your AT&T home phone bill.

Step 1

Review your AT&T landline phone bill thoroughly. Specifically, look at your charges for the residential line. Also, look at each charge for plans and services, long distance, internet and wireless. In addition, review your charges for any special services, such as Complete Choice, which includes your caller identification and call-waiting features. Furthermore, look at the cost of your Inside Wire Maintenance Plan, if you have one. AT&T breaks the home phone bill down by each category.You will also see Federal Universal service fees, various federal excise taxes, state taxes and local taxes. AT&T cannot under any circumstances reduce these federal, state and local taxes and fees. To have home phone service, you only need one residential line charge. Everything else (besides the federal, state and local taxes) can be removed to lower the costs associated with your home phone bill.

Step 2

Contact AT&T at 1-866-505-1765 to discuss your bill. Inform the representative that you are calling to reduce your home phone bill and that you have the bill in front of you. Ask the AT&T representative to review the charges line by line to get a full understanding of what options you have to reduce your phone bill.If the representative tells you that you need the Complete Choice package to receive call waiting and caller identification, ask if you can purchase those features outside of the package. The issue here is that Complete Choice includes a host of features that customers rarely use such as call forwarding and three-way calling, so be sure to ask for only the features that you want on your home phone.

Step 3

Remove all unnecessary and unwanted features on your AT&T home phone that you do not want. The AT&T representative will encourage you to keep the additional services and features, so be firm in your decision.

Step 4

Ask the AT&T representative to review the conversation including total monthly amounts to be paid. Also, request that the representative provide you with the effective date of the bill changes. Also, ask when you can expect to see the new charges reflected on your bill. Make sure that you tell the representative that you want these changes to be effective immediately. Record the dates given to you by the representative to make sure that your future bill(s) reflect the changes.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you can afford it, sign up for the Inside Wire Maintenance Plan with AT&T. This plan covers you if there are ever any damages that occur to your telephone wiring inside your home. The repair costs for wiring can be very expensive and for $7.50 a month, AT&T will repair any wiring issues for the duration of your phone service.
  • Recognize that most advertised specials with AT&T do not include federal, state and local taxes, and fees that must be paid by the customer. Therefore, always ask for a total amount of your monthly bill including all taxes and fees.