How to Get Out of a HughesNet Contract

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Get Out of a HughesNet Contract

Many people who use and love their HughesNet Internet, but there are also some who would like to opt out of their service for whatever reason; bad service, high prices, a new contract with another provider or alternative arrangements. Whatever the reason, HughesNet requires its users to carry a contract with their service for a certain number of months before they are eligible for cancellation.


Step 1

Call HughesNet Customer Care line at: (888) 667-5537.

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Step 2

Explain why you need to cancel. It may be exempt from a cancellation charge. Reasons for exemption include a death of the primary contract holder or a transfer to a new account. Reasons that do not qualify for exemptions include dissatisfaction with the service or getting a new Internet service provider. If your reason is not considered exempt, you'll need to pay a $300 cancellation charge, as your contract states.



Step 3

Ask the customer care representative for a return mailing label. HughesNet will email a label you can print out.

Step 4

Package up your equipment and send it back to HughesNet, using the return mailing label. When HughesNet receives it, they will refund $200 of your cancellation charge.



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