How to Get a Satellite Internet Connection by Airtel in India

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Airtel India provides global satellite service that is based on point-to-point service from an Airtel provisioned teleport. The data speed for global satellite service ranges from 19.2 Kbps to 15+ Mbps. You can enjoy increased coverage with satellite Internet to stay connected at all times.


Step 1

Contact Airtel customer support (see link in Resources). Select your region and find the customer support number of your local Airtel office.

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Step 2

Inform the service representative that you want a satellite Internet connection. The representative will tell you whether the service is available in your area. He will also tell you about all the available connection plans to choose from.



Step 3

Place an order on the phone and get Airtel's technicians to setup the Internet connection at your home or office. You can pay online once you have a customer account.



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