Installation of Airtel Digital TV Dish

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A red digital satellite dish attached to a bracket.
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Airtel is a satellite provider of bundled broadcast television, telephony and broadband Internet services that serves subscribers in 19 countries across Asia and Africa. Airtel Digital TV broadcasts with a MPEG4 DVB S2 picture, sound and interactive services programming stream. The Airtel Digital TV service offers its subscribers service packages with up to 173 channels and four interactive services. The process of installing an Airtel Digital TV dish antenna is a fairly straightforward one to perform.


Step 1

Screw the six wood or cement screws into the pre-drilled holes in the base of the Airtel antenna mast. The chosen mounting location for the mast needs to have an unobstructed view of the southern sky.

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Step 2

Place the main Airtel antenna assembly onto the mast, aligning the mast clamp on the back of the antenna assembly with the top of the mast. Fit the mast clamp over the top of the mast and slide it downward until it snaps into place. Tighten the screw on the mast clamp to hold the main dish assembly on the mast.



Step 3

Plug the RG-6 coaxial cable into the "Cable" port on the front of the main dish assembly's base, then plug the other end of the cable into the "Antenna" port in the back of the Airtel satellite receiver.



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