How to Install DIRECTV DECA Broadband

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The DirecTV DECA (DirecTV Ethernet over Coaxial Adaptor) is designed to allow you to be able to connect your satellite receiver to your homes Internet network. With this type of connection, your receiver can send and receive data-specific information over the Internet. This type of setup comes in handy when you are using multi-room viewing configurations in your DirecTV service installation. The process of installing a DirecTV DEC broadband device is fairly straightforward.


Step 1

Plug the RG-6 coaxial cable line from your DirecTV satellite antenna into the "Antenna" port on the side of the DECA adaptor device.

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Step 2

Plug the second coaxial cable into the "Line Out" port on the DECA device; plug the other of the cable into the "Antenna" port in the back of your DirecTV satellite receiver.



Step 3

Plug the Ethernet cable into the "Ethernet" port on the side of the DECA unit; plug the other end of the cable into the "LAN" port on your home's network router.



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