How to Make a Satellite Receiver Connect to the Internet

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Many satellite receivers must be connected to a high-speed Internet source.

Over time, updates are made available for satellite receivers. To access these updates, the receiver must be connected to an Internet source. Furthermore, many receivers access future programming schedules via an Internet connection. Because of this, it is extremely important to connect your satellite receiver to your high-speed Internet connection.


Step 1

Plug the Ethernet cable into one of the "Out" ports on your high-speed modem.

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Step 2

Attach the free end of the cable into the "Ethernet" port on the back side of your satellite receiver.


Step 3

Power on the high-speed modem, television and satellite receiver, if the equipment is currently turned off.

Step 4

Press the "Menu" button on your satellite receiver's remote control, then choose the "Setup" option and select "System Setup," "Network Setup" and finally "Connect Now" (the phrasing on your cable receiver may differ slightly). The receiver now scans for any available Internet connections.


Step 5

Choose "OK" or "Done" once the receiver detects the Internet connection.

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