How to Watch Different Channels on Multiple Sets with DISH Network Satellite TV

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How to Watch Different Channels on Multiple Sets with DISH Network Satellite TV. Many homes have more than one TV. You can watch different channels on multiple sets with DISH Network satellite TV. To do so, you need DISH Network service on all TVs. To receive signal and watch DISH Network programming on two different sets you need to have a dual tuner receiver. Here is how you can watch different channels on multiple TV sets.


Step 1

Find out the toll-free number for DISH Network. Ask the customer service agent for more information on how to receive DISH Network programing on two different television sets.

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Step 2

Alternatively, you can search the DISH Network Web site for information on receivers that transmit signal to more than one television set. On the home page, go to the "Products & Services" section and select the "Receivers" category. Read about the different types of receivers from the resulting sub-menu.


Step 3

Identify receivers that allow transmission of programs to more than one TV. DISH Network offers several dual tuners that support multiple TVs.

Step 4

There are several receivers available: The DISH 322 is DISH Network's standard receiver for two television sets. It supports basic features including independent viewing of different programs on the two TVs, display of on-screen caller ID, an on-screen electronic program guide (EPG), parental locks and access to the latest weather reports, sports, news and current affairs.


Step 5

The DISH Player-DVR 625 is a standard receiver that supports two television sets. Accompanied with an integrated DVR, this receiver enables viewers to watch different channels on two different TVs and allows up to 100 hours of digital recording. This model also shows programming schedules up to nine days in advance, enables simultaneous recording and program viewing, and displays on screen EPG and picture-in-picture.



Step 6

The ViP622 DVR is one of DISH Network's latest HD receivers with integrated DVR. It shows HD as well as standard definition (SD) programs, all of which can be independently viewed and recorded on separate TVs. Subscribers can hook up a maximum of two televisions--an HD and an SD--with each receiver. Viewers can further use this receiver to record up to 200 hours of SD and 30 hours of HD programming. Another feature includes Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.


Step 7

After finding a receiver that meets your needs, buy the receiver online or by calling customer service. Call customer service and get your service activated for two (or more) TVs. DISH Network may charge a fee for every additional TV.

Step 8

Once your service for multiple TVs is activated, set the receiver to either Dual mode. This can be done by pressing the mode button on the front panel of the receiver. Dual mode allows you to view different channels on different TV sets. DISH Network receivers also support the Shared View mode which shows the same channel on both television sets.



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