How to Cancel the Dual Mode Back to the Single Mode on a Dish DVR

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Dish Network DVRs can operate in two modes: Single Mode or Dual Mode. The DVR is always in one of these modes. In Single Mode, the DVR box will send the same programming signal to all the televisions on your system. In Dual Mode, you can watch different programs on different televisions hooked to your Dish satellite. You cannot cancel one mode to go to another, but you can switch between the two modes on the DVR box itself.


Step 1

Activate your Dish Network DVR.

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Step 2

Press the "Mode" button to switch between Single and Dual modes.

Step 3

Look on the front of the DVR to see if the "Dual" light is lit. If so, your DVR is in Dual mode. You can also press the "Menu" button on your remote control to view the menu. The screen will show the mode below the date and time.





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