How to Delete the History of My DirecTV Recording Program

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Deleting DirecTV recording history requires a reset of the satellite receiver.

DirecTV satellite receivers store a detailed history on the internal hard drive of programs recorded to the system's DVR. The history is designed to aid customers in keeping track of their recordings while monitoring what their kids are programming and watching. Each record remains in the history for about a month before items drop off. Deleting the history immediately requires a complete reset of the receiver box, so proceed with caution.


Step 1

Turn on the DirecTV receiver and television.

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Step 2

Press the "Menu" button on the DirecTV remote, use the "down arrow" key to highlight "Parental, Favorites and Setup," then press the "Select" button.

Step 3

Highlight and select "System Setup."

Step 4

Use the "down arrow" key to select "Reset," then highlight and select "Reset Everything." The receiver will display a message on the TV asking you to confirm a complete reset to the factory defaults.


Step 5

Press the "Select" button a final time to reset the receiver to its original settings, which will erase the recording history as well as all recorded programs.


The recording history will drop off automatically day by day after 25 to 30 days, depending on whether the history item is a programmed recording or pay-per-view.


Following these steps will sweep clean the entire hard drive in the DirecTV DVR, erasing all programs and preferred settings along with the recording history.