Dish Network Caller ID Problems

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Dish Network now enables on-screen caller ID capabilities.

Satellite TV providers constantly enhance their services and equipment to remain competitive. Dish Network, for instance, offers on-screen caller ID that allows subscribers to view the name and number of incoming phone calls on their TVs.


Caller ID Subscription

To benefit from this Dish Network feature, customers must subscribe to a caller ID service through the local telephone company. Ensure that your phone connection and services are live by testing caller ID first on a home phone handset.

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The most important, often overlooked connection is that of a telephone line from an active home phone jack to the rear of your Dish Network receiver. Without this connection, the incoming call signal will not reach your TV.



If you do not see a caller ID box appear on-screen during an incoming call, make sure the settings are properly activated. Press "Menu" on your Dish Network remote. Select "System Setup," "Installation" and finally "Caller ID." Check the box that says "Enable Caller ID" and select "Done."



Caller ID Pop-up Screen

When the phone line is connected and the caller ID activated, a pop-up will display with each incoming phone call. Select "OK" to remove the box from your screen or wait 20 seconds for the message to disappear on its own.


Clear Caller ID History

Your caller ID log may become full and prevent the feature from functioning properly. Press "Menu" and select "System Setup" and "Caller ID History." Delete past calls individually or select "Clear List" to remove all.



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