How to Get Fios TV on Multiple TVs

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FiOS is an Internet and TV connection provided by Verizon. It is similar to AT&T U-verse, in that cable and Internet are brought into your home through the same device so that you do not need multiple routers like you do with a standard Internet and cable connection. If you subscribe to FiOS, you may want to connect more than one television to the television programming. However, there are a few key things you need to think about first.


Step 1

Decide if you want the TVs to play the exact same content at the exact same time, or if you want to be able to watch different programs on different TVs simultaneously. If you want all TVs to show the same content you can use a channel splitter to send the signal from the FiOS receiver to the different TVs. However, if you want to control each TV separately you must contact Verizon and request additional receivers.


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Step 2

Set up a day and time period for the additional receivers to be installed. Each receiver will increase your monthly billing statement.

Step 3

Connect either component or HDMI cables to the "Out" ports on the receivers, then plug the other end of the cables into the either the "Component In" or "HDMI In" ports. Component can be used for both HD and SD televisions, while HDMI is used specifically for HD televisions and receivers.


Step 4

Remove the cable running from the receiver to the first television if you want to connect multiple televisions to the same station at the same time, rather than getting additional cable boxes.


Step 5

Connect a coaxial cable to the "Out" port on the receiver and plug the other end into the "In" port on the channel splitter.


Step 6

Plug a different coaxial cable into one of the "Out" ports on the channel splitter and connect the opposite end to the "In" port on a TV. Repeat this process for all of the televisions you want to connect to FiOS.




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