How to Set Up a Router to a Cable Box

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A router is used to connect two different devices to a single output device. This is most notably used when using an Internet modem where two devices are connected to the Internet through the aid of a router. However, there is other hardware you use a router in conjunction with, including cable television boxes. These routers allow additional televisions to connect to the same receiver and watch the same cable programming.


Step 1

Connect the coaxial cable running in from your wall into the "In" port on the cable box. Make sure the cable is completely fastened to the port to ensure a secure connection.

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Step 2

Plug the first main coaxial cable into the "Out" port on the cable box. Connect the opposite end of the cable into the "In" port on the coaxial cable router.


Step 3

Connect the second and third coaxial cables into two of the "Out" ports on the router. Many routers have multiple connections so it is likely your router has more than just two out ports.


Step 4

Connect the end of one of the coaxial cables into the "In" port of the first television. Repeat the process with the second television. Power on the cable receiver and the two televisions. The programming will appear on both TV screens.




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