How to Connect a Pioneer Receiver

Directly hook up speakers to a Pioneer receiver.

A Pioneer receiver moves the audio from your television, DVD player and gaming equipment to connected speakers. Depending on the device you have, the exact connection process is going to be slightly different, but hooking up the speakers to the Pioneer receiver is relatively the same.

Source Equipment

Step 1

Check your source device (TV, DVD player, cable receiver) for the highest-quality audio output. HDMI is the best, although it is only found on HD equipment. The next is digital-optical audio and the third is RCA audio cables.

Step 2

Plug the cable into the "Audio Out" ports on the source device (either the HDMI, digital-optical audio or RCA audio cables).

Step 3

Connect the opposite end(s) of the cable(s) into the "Audio In" connection(s) on the television.

Step 4

Power on the source equipment and the Pioneer receiver. Select the input connection you are using (HDMI, digital audio, RCA) and the audio from the connected source plays.

Speaker Connection

Step 1

Position the two front speakers to the left and right of the television device. These are the front-channel speakers. Run the wires from the speakers into the "Front Left" and "Front Right" connection ports on the rear of the receiver.

Step 2

Place the center speaker directly under or over the television. Hook the wires into the "Center" channel port on the Pioneer receiver.

Step 3

Set the final two speakers to the left and right of the main seating area. These are the rear speakers. Connect the wires from the speakers into the "Rear right" and "Rear Left" speakers.

Things You'll Need

  • HDMI cable

  • Digital optical cable

  • RCA audio cables