How to Retrieve Call Records for Land-Line Phones

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Retrieving phone records for a land-line phone has become easier in recent years, though you must be the owner of the phone to request records or must have permission from the bill owner to retrieve the records.

Step 1

Call your phone service provider. You may have to wait through several prompts, but if you dial zero several times you will be automatically transferred to a live operator.


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Step 2

Have your account number and billing information ready. Give the service rep your information and request that a detailed bill be sent to your home. They will not send the bills to any other address other than the one listed on the phone bill.

Step 3

Ask for detailed bills from previous months.The phone company will only be able to provide detailed bills from three to six months back, depending on the provider.



Step 4

Request that all further bills be detailed bills.The detailed bill will provide a record of all calls sent and received from the land line.



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