Hitachi Big Screen TV Problems

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Fix common big-screen TV problems.

You can fix common Hitachi big-screen TV problems on your own without calling in a pricey service technician to do it for you.


Encourage Airflow

Keep the area surrounding your Hitachi TV clear to encourage airflow into your television case. Blocking airflow could cause your Hitachi big-screen TV to overheat and eventually shut down.


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Reboot Required

Just as with a computer, the software and hardware used in a Hitachi TV needs to be rebooted occasionally. Do this common big-screen television repair on your own by unplugging your television set from the wall, then plugging it back in five minutes later.


Check Your Cables

Check the back of your Hitachi TV to make sure all plugs and cables are secure.

Browse Your Inputs

View all of the input channels on your Hitachi TV if you have no audio or video. Hit "Input" several times on your remote control to browse through the channels to see if your audio or video displays on one of those channels.



Ban Screen Blotches

Wave a magnetic coil in circles in front of your Hitachi big-screen TV to get rid of blotches on your screen, frequently caused by magnetization problems.




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