Homemade DVD Cleaner

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There are few things more frustrating than a skipping DVD. The problem is usually a scratched or dirty disc, which prevents you from fully enjoying at least a part of your movie or music. If there are scratches or dirt on the bottom of your compact disc or DVD, you can probably fix the problem with simple home remedies.


Home Remedies for Scratches

Make use of substances that you have right in your home to help you fix your CDs and DVDs by yourself. One home remedy to fix scratches is toothpaste. Another remedy is Vaseline or even hair gel. Whichever your choice, spread a liberal amount of the substance over the scratch and rub it with a very soft rag. Do not use a washcloth or a paper towel--these will further scratch your CD or DVD and render the disc entirely unusable. Ultra-soft polyvinyl cloths work particularly well, as do the cloths that come with shoe polish.


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Cleaning Solutions

You can clean a DVD with white vinegar. Vinegar is naturally acidic, but not overpowering. The natural properties of this liquid allow it to be an effective and natural combatant against grime, soap scum, oils and other elements. Vinegar will clean oil from fingerprints off of a DVD in addition to dirt. Using pure undiluted vinegar on a soft cloth, rubbing clockwise, may help your skipping DVD become like new.


Homemade DVD Player Cleaner

White vinegar can be used to clean the lens of a DVD player. However, when cleaning the lens of the actual player, the vinegar should be mixed slightly with some water to dilute it. Lemon juice will work the same way as vinegar because it is similarly acidic. The natural components of each have the ability to effectively and efficiently clean the lens of the DVD player. To keep your DVD player in top shape, a thorough cleaning should be performed once every four to six weeks.



Once you've tried every remedy in the book, you may find that your disc is still unusable. Do not worry--there's a third option that will sometimes take care of your disc problem. You may be able to copy your DVD onto a CD-R or a DVD-R. Blank discs are available for purchase at most stores. If your computer has a CD or DVD writer, these discs can sometimes be recopied and will retain all of the information of the original disc. For scratches that are not too severe, recopying the disc often works wonders. Of course, there is always the chance that your disc is scratched beyond repair. While there are some hopeless cases, don't give up until you are sure no repair option will work.