How Are Computers Used in Industry?

By Shanika Chapman

Businesses today have a wide range of uses for computers. This has been a necessity for industry as a way of using their resources more efficiently, as well as a way of reaching a larger group of potential customers. As a result, IT (Information Technology) jobs have been flourishing for some time due to industry's reliance on computers for their daily operations.

Inventory Tracking

Using spreadsheets and/or databases, most businesses utilize some sort of computer-maintained inventory tracking system.


From printing or depositing paychecks, to applying raises and bonuses, industries have become very reliant on computerized payroll methods.

Cash Registers

Modern cash registers are often networked computer systems, allowing companies to maintain much more up-to-date and accurate transaction records, as well as real-time inventory tracking.


Most industries have been migrating towards the Internet over the past two decades, resulting in the need for websites that require not only server space, but maintenance and updates as well.

Customer Databases

Customer databases are used not just to track order information for clients, but also to chronicle interactions to better serve clients in the future.