How Do I Find My SSID and WEP Key for Wireless Internet?

You can obtain the SSID and WEP key from your router.
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If you are attempting to connect another device to your wireless network, you may find that you need to supply a SSID and WEP key before you can connect. If you do not recall your SSID or WEP key and have not written them down, these values can be obtained from the configuration menu of your wireless router or modem. You can connect to your router or modem through your computer's Web browser, but you must first know the device's IP address.

Step 1

Press the Start menu and choose the "Run" option. Enter "ipconfig" (without the quotes) into the Run box and click "OK."

Step 2

Look for the line that says "Default Gateway." This will be the IP address of your router or modem and will appear as four sets of numbers separated by a period (for example Write this number down.

Step 3

Open your Web browser and enter the IP address you wrote down in the address field. Press Enter. Type the username and password you set for your router or modem. If you do not remember it, consult the user guide for your router or modem for instructions on how to reset your device to factory defaults.

Step 4

Look for a tab or link that says "Wireless" and press it. Then, look for a tab or link that says "Security." Every device is different and your buttons may be titled slightly differently.

Step 5

Look for any fields labeled SSID or WEP. These are the values you are looking for. Write them down and keep them in a secure location in the event you need the SSID or WEP in the future.


Your SSID is also the name of the network and is likely a word or phrase you chose when originally configuring the network. Your WEP key is an automatically generated string of numbers and letters whose length depends on the level of security your modem or router uses when generating the code.


Write down the WEP key and SSID exactly as they appear on the configuration screen. Even a single incorrect digit will result in the code not working on your device.