How do I Find the Number of Core Processors in Windows?

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Processors with four or more cores are commonplace in modern computers.
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Most desktop computers and laptops have only one physical processor; while some server systems and high-end desktops have more. Processors may have multiple cores that act as logical CPUs in Windows. If you plan to upgrade software, install a new game or use resource-intensive applications -- or if you're just plain curious -- knowing the number of processor cores in your PC can help you determine if your system is up to the tasks you want to perform. With Windows 8.1, finding the number of processor cores takes less than a minute or two.


Step 1

Press "Windows-X," and then click "Device Manager" on the Quick Access Menu.

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Step 2

Double-click "Processors" in the hardware list.

Step 3

Count the number of devices shown under the Processors category header in the Device Manager window. This is the number of logical processors used by Windows.




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