How to Overclock an HP Laptop

By Ryan Casima

HP laptops can be very slow when you are running many applications on them, especially applications that use a lot of processor power. Overclocking an HP laptop will increase the load and run speed of many larger programs. In essence, overclocking is increasing the clock speed of the processor to higher speeds. For instance, overclocking a 1.8 Ghz processor would make the processor run at higher speeds, such as 2.0 Ghz.

Things You'll Need

  • Prime 95

Step 1

Power on the laptop. When the white and black screen shows up listing all the parts in your laptop, click "Delete" to access the motherboard BIOS.

Step 2

Go to the main menu of the BIOS and then click on "Advanced Tools." Click on the "CPU Multiplier" tool.

Step 3

Raise the multiplier of the CPU one step higher; if the multiplier was at 4x, raise the level to 5x. Apply the changes by pressing "F10" and restart your laptop.

Step 4

Install Prime 95 on your laptop and then run it. Let Prime 95 run for at least 12 minutes on your laptop. After 12 minutes, run the "Torture Test" feature in Prime 95.

Step 5

If your laptop crashed during any of the previous tests, the laptop's CPU is not suitable for overclocking. Set the CPU Multiplier back to the previous values, click "F10," and then restart your laptop.

Step 6

If your laptop did not crash, go back to the CPU Multiplier tool and raise the values one step higher. Now hit "F10" and restart your laptop. Run Prime 95. Repeat this process until your laptop shuts down. Set the CPU Multiplier back to the speed it was last stable at and select "F10" and restart your laptop.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are planning to overclock a laptop, you should get a good cooling pad. The reason the laptop shuts down at higher processor speeds is because the processor becomes much hotter and the motherboard automatically turns off to prevent damage.
  • This will work on every laptop and desktop. But some manufacturers lock their motherboards so that no one can change the clock speed without some hacks.