How Do I Fix the Screen Color if a Pink Hue Is Everywhere?

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If you notice an unnaturally pink hue or any other kind of discoloration on a device's screen, don't panic. There are a few tricks you can try to adjust your TV or monitor with a pink tint back to normal. If all else fails, you may be covered by a normal or extended warranty if your monitor or TV screen pink tint simply won't go away.


Reboot After a Pink Hue

It's not that unusual for a screen to develop some sort of discoloration and it's often relatively easy to fix.

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You can try to turn off and unplug the screen and any devices connected to it, giving them some time to cool down in case it's an overheating issue. For example, with a computer monitor you would want to turn off the monitor and the computer, or for a TV screen, you would want to also reboot any cable box, video game system or DVD player used with the TV when you see the pink hue.


Check the Cables and Devices

Before you turn on the screen, check to make sure any cables attached to the device are secure. Unplug them and plug them back in if you're not sure. Then, see whether the pink hue is still present when the screen and other devices are back on.


If you have another input device you can connect to the screen, or another screen you can connect to your devices, test to see whether the issue seems to be from the screen itself or from the other device. Then you can continue to diagnose the issue with the device causing the problem.

Adjust the Settings

Whether the problem is with the screen or the device connected to it, there are likely color settings you can adjust to try to remove the pink tone. Check your device's manual to see what options are available and whether they make the image look more natural. Search online to see if anyone's had a similar issue with your device and how they've fixed it.



If you can't find settings that make the picture look normal, the device may need physical repairs. A computer might need a new video card, but other than that, most devices and screens aren't really set up for home repairs.

You'll probably want to contact the device's manufacturer or a repair shop you trust for further guidance. Determine if the device is covered by a warranty. In some cases, it may be cheaper or more sensible to replace the screen or another device than to attempt to repair it.




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